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Our Courses have been adopted by business around the world, studied by governments, promoted by peace institutes, required by schools and taught in prisons.


The de Bono toolBox is comparable to a mental software that was deliberately designed to achieve “operacy”, which is just as relevant as numeracy or literacy – and yet is still not on the mainstream curriculum agenda.  Based on research on how self-organizing patterns in the brain work, de Bono´s legacy will be that of an influential game-changer.  For over 25 years de Bono Thinking Systems, Authorised Distributors, Master Trainers and Trainers have championed Dr de Bono´s work, today available in 60 countries and 18 languages. We teach creative, conceptual, perceptual and design thinking to individuals, organizations, governments agencies, schools and NGO´s around the world.  The need to create a time and a space for learnable thinking skills will become an ever growing necessity in a dizzying changing world. Mental operacy is a learnable skill that benefits everyone across the board. It has been used successfully amongst Nobel Prize Winners, Down´s Syndrome children, coalmines in Africa, the Unemployed as well as with the world´s most reputable firms and forums.  The human race can only greatly benefit from its practice and application.

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Imagen: Master Trainer Donna Pace with Certified Trainer, Miguel Angel Diaz, Madrid (AGESVET)

The question to you, if you are an aspiring trainer is: are you ready to make a valuable difference to the world you live in? Do you have what it takes to become part of an exclusive group of professionals? In that case we´d like to hear from you.  The brand reputation, credibility, and experience of our programme is available to the selected few who are just as committed as we are to deliver excellence based on clearly defined  values.  Once Trainees have successfully completed any of the core Certification Programmes, you will be granted our dBTS Accreditation which will give you the right to teach the content of the course, and represent our seal of quality – our  brand, either within your own organization (Corporate Trainers) OR outside (Independent)  of it. The terms and conditions, as well as rights and obligations apply within the domain of the Authorised Distributor and Master Trainer.

Important notice with regards to the de Bono thinking Systems quality brand guarantee, for which our organization will be happy to provide additional information.

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  • Copyrights: Reproduction, commercialization and/or demonstration of Dr. de Bono’s work is legally bound.
  • dBTS didactic material: may not be copied, reproduced, reprinted, used in films or video recording, or stored in electronic devices without written permission of the copyright holders.

We formally vouch for the credibility and experience of our trainers, whose names can be found on this website and on our international site. Any other “de Bono” training programmes and/ or commercial initiatives, that do not carry our brand certification are legally susceptible to judiciary measures. Please consult us if you have any doubts!