testimonials serious creativity

What are the highlights of the Serious Creativity training course?
“It is serious, fun and effective. Condensed, intense and eye-opening.”
What has been the added value to your work?
“Everything. We had two objectives with training, on the one hand to gain competence to carry out the workshops in the context of the new strategic plan and on the other hand, build a culture of creativity and systematize the use of these tools on a daily basis. Both missions accomplished. So applicability to my work 100%. On a day-to-day basis I am able to change Hats consciously, finding faster solutions and thinking creatively. I understand that it is perfectly applicable to my future projects”
Would you recommend the techniques to others?
“Definitely, yes. As I said – for me it was a discovery, and I wonder how I could have lived so long without it, it was like living without the Internet! I recommend the methodology to everyone, both in my professional life and personal because I think it is terribly powerful.”


Testimonials serious creativity

  •  Mari Carmen Mathe

    I have already recommended the techniques to my fellow psychologists and psychiatrists in my service, as I feel that they are useful both for personal as well as for professional use.

    For example in meetings:

    • It streamlines the process having tremendous effect in shortening the time needed for meetings, which become lighter.
    • It minimizes the friction between people as it takes into account everyone’s ideas and favors the feel-good factor.
    • When one obtains so many interesting ideas, out of meetings it really provides a pleasant feeling of having actually been effective.

    Mari Carmen Mathe, Psychiatrist, Hospital Galdakano, Spain
  • Carme Sáez

    Lateral Thinking is the most powerful tool for problem resolution, to renew a focus, to develop products or new businesses models. We live in an uncertain world, with rapidly changing scenarios. We need to install this tool in our brain, but you have to know how and when to use it. For this reason, I recommend the “Six Thinking Hats” first. Sometimes, having analyzed the problem rationally, one needs to detect where creativity is required. The “Six Thinking Hats” have helped me to systematize my way of thinking and has been useful in all areas of my life, both personally and at work. “Knowing how to think is essential, and nobody teaches us how to do that, when you know how to think, you can decide what to think about and what for, this where Lateral Thinking comes in. 

    Carme Sáez, Corporate Development Director, Barcelona