trainers testimonials

Trainer Testimonials

  • Miguel Angel Diáz Sanchez

    “I first came in contact with the Bono techniques at a European Summit for veterinarians in Monte Carlo, where the Six Hats technique was used to obtain feedback in record time of 100 professionals from all over Europe about a veterinary product. In my Veterinary hospital we use this technique routinely to give and receive feedback, to discuss products and services, to lead meetings, to make decisions as a team or individually, to clear conflicts, to negotiate. As a coach: I use this tool to increase self-awareness of my clients, help them broaden their perspectives in such a way that they can expand their options when making decisions. It has had a huge impact in my hospital, where it has been implemented as an inherent part of our company culture. It has improved the cohesion of the team, as well as the leadership skills within the organization. When I went through my DBTS certification, I had already been using the technique in my hospital for at least two years. However, when I dug my hands deep into the training course, provided by our great expert, I finally really understood what it really meant; I learnt a multitude of details that otherwise I would never have appreciated. And also thanks to the dynamics created with the other students with similar interests, it was a plus to learning, in terms of the way in which we teach the subject”.

    Miguel Angel Diáz Sanchez, New Way Coaching, Independent dBTS Certified Trainer, Madrid, Spain
  • Ines Gallego

    “Donna is a leader in creativity. We hired her training programme in 2010 to train us in our hospital in “6 Thinking Hats” and “Lateral Thinking” in order to develop our hospital Strategic Plan. The experience has been impressive, in results, in dynamics, in effectiveness, staff enthusiasm. Her training capacity, leadership and personality are key to its success. Personally my experience has been very satisfactory, both at the professional level as staff”

    Ines Gallego, Quality and Innovation Manager, Corporate dBTS Certified Trainer, Cruces Hospital, Bilbao
  • Dr Josie Pace

    “Donna Pace is a born leader and communicator. Her grasp of Dr Edward de Bono’s Thinking Skills programmes, coupled with her lively personality, is a bonus to anyone who attends her courses,  and seminars in Six thinking Hats, Lateral Thinking, Serious Creativity and Six Value Medals. I recommend her to companies, state entities and individuals anywhere, wishing to innovate, face challenges and/or discover alternative ways of dealing with Issues of adaptation or change” 

    Dr Josie Pace, Advocate, Indpendent dBTS Certified Trainer, Malta
  • Dr Mourad Saada

    “Anxious to provide the best tools to companies and organizations I found that de Bono Thinking Systems and the 6 Hats method allows participants to acquire many skills at the same time, these include time management, conflict, leadership and creativity, which equates in better self- organization and communication, more efficiency and productivity, as well as an increment in profits. A comprehensive tool, applicable immediately!”

    Dr Mourad Saada, Indpendent dBTS Certified Trainer, Tunisia