donna pace & Associates

About Us

We believe that one day every single member of our communities will assume the responsibility of asking one fundamental question, both professionally and personally: “What have we done to make a difference to the world we live in?”.  Where will we be in the predicted Singularity year of 2045? An old Native American saying reminds us that “We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children.”

Here at Donna Pace & Associates, my brief is to bring an extraordinary group of people together, with the added value of our multicultural collective experience, and a toolbox of systems focused on 4 fundamental 21st century management principles.

They are the essential building blocks of this new paradigm leaderShift. Our areas of expertise and everything else that is aligned to them like 360º design thinking, talent, passion, respect, objectivity, tenacity, commitment, excellence and joy are the essential navigating instruments needed at the dawn of this new century.  Bearing in mind that we live in a universe where we easily trade speed for precision in a nano-second lifestyle, and notwithstanding the exponential choice and noise in cyber space, we are a particular breed of local and global professionals. It is our ambition to go for gold, bringing the alchemy of our resources to those who are ready to allow us to make an impact that can take root and flourish for the benefit of the individual, group, corporation, community.

We are a global community. The groups of magnificent people in their various capacities on board this ship are:

  • Colleagues and trainers from the dBTS (de Bono Thinking Systems) world
  • Collaborators and Partners specialized in Future Trends, Creativity, Leadership and Values
  • “Embassies” promoting our work

What our clients say

  • Diego Albadonedo Diez

    Working and learning with Donna has been a real pleasure. Her ideas, communication skills and team working orientation helped to achieve high performance with the Six Thinking Hat technique in our company, helping us save almost 40% on time spent on creativity meetings. This has in fact helped us improve our core business procedures.

    Diego Albadonedo Diez, Ochoa, Seis onSeis Creatividad, Spain
  • Franc Ponti

    Donna Pace is one of the most passionate people and enthusiasts with whom I have worked in recent years. She always has a creative solutions for everything,
    it seems that there are no problems and difficulties for her. The most interesting thing about Donna is that she is pure energy: radiating joy and positivity everywhere. It’s contagious, spreading it to the people around her, therefore with her it´s easy to create the suitable and appropriate climate for fomenting innovation. Donna helped us at EADA to organize a conference with Edward de Bono (with 400 people) at the Hotel Arts in Barcelona. She has also taught seminars in-house on Lateral thinking and the famous “6 Thinking Hats” with great success. 

    Franc Ponti, Author, Spain
  • Cecília Gafarot

    Donna is a great expert in the de Bono methodology. A reference of  creative thinking and a great communicator. Her courses will not leave anybody indifferent, she has strongly impacted my own  teacher training. 

    Cecília Gafarot, Educator, Spain
  • Luis Expósito Rodríguez

    Donna was responsible for training all Publiespaña staff (Canale 5 Spain) in Creative Techniques, winning over employee trust, and that of the Executive Board who went through the courses thanks to her dynamism, seriousness and empathy. Her coordination with HR was optimal. 

    Luis Expósito Rodríguez, Director de División de RR.HH. y Servicios en Gestevisión Telecinco, Spain
  • Justo Morera

    Donna, is not only an excellent professional delivering the de Bono course with great panache, but also, with passion, joy and dynamism which makes the course fly past. With much attention to detail, serious and yet combining it all with a touch of humor, just as all good professional should. 

    Justo Morera, Coach & Professional mediator, Spain
  • Francis Busuttil

    Donna is more than a professional in her job, I had the opportunity to attend one of her courses and managed to keep concentration all the time where normally after some time I lose concentration. For me only a few managed to do so in the so many courses I have attended in my life. 

    Francis Busuttil, Revenue Director, Westin Dragonara Hotel, Malta
  • Esther García Panades

    Donna’s enthusiasm and conviction when imparting De Bono’s methodology, has a positive influence on pupils to assimilate what they are learning. De Bono’s method is good not only for creative situations, but also for daily situations such as the management of meetings, resolution of conflicts, etc.

  • Iñaki Abrarzuza

    It is a privilege to work with Donna. To her high professional level one must add her proximity, relational skills and professional sharpness. Her orientation, advice and teaching have changed my way of approaching professional problems, and even my own personal contemplations. I believe that, after my rite of passage with her, my position when faced with challenges is more creative and more positive. 

    Iñaki Abrarzuza, Socio Consultor, Irati Consulting, Spain
  • Nathalie Jenkins

    Donna’s enthusiasm for de Bono Thinking Systems (dBTS) processes is contagious. Her unlimited amount of energy paired with her keen intellect and genuine heart propel her success in helping to improve the way the world thinks! I have enjoyed opportunities to collaborate with Donna.
    Exploring possibilities with her is a true pleasure.  

    Nathalie Jenkins, Director Organizational Development, Innovation Guide at New & Improved, NYC
  • Dr.Sunil Gupta

    I have known Donna for the past 8 years and have found her exceptionally committted to the cause of Dr De Bono´s work. 

    Dr.Sunil Gupta, Chief Innovation Instigator at IDEAS Management Consultants( IMC), de Bono Thinking Systems Distributor and Master Trainer, Dubai