training in-house and open seminars

Exclusive Training in Six Thinking Hats®, Lateral Thinking, The Power of Perception™, Focus on Facilitation™, Simplicity, and Six Value Medals™.  Tailor-made dBTS programmes, specifically designed to deliver R.O.I and long-term benefits are our differential hallmarks. We nurture the whole process, from the initial pre-training phase, right through to the application of the tools in your professional environment.  Your story is ours. Your past, present and future too. Where do you think you´re going?  Do you believe everything you think?  Whose on board your  ship?  How are you going to unroll the Action Plan and set sail to new horizons?  When will the first workshops  take place? Apart from training in Spain, Portugal, Malta and Tunisia, for which you would need to contact us directly, de Bono Thinking Systems is a global organization with a global reach. Our international open seminars are posted on our global training page European and Global  network colleagues can  be found here

Together with our travel companions, a local and global “mix and match” tailor-made package is available through this site, where any of our 4 specialties can be put together to deliver a complete gourmet corporate menu. These include all dishes as seen under “Lectures and Workshops”. Not only are we what we “eat” but also, what and how we think and digest those habits and thoughts. How are you feeding your brain? Mental obesity urgently needs to be replaced by svelte, agile, crystal clear mindsets.

Upload and upgrade to the new enlightenment. “Sapere Aude” as exposed by Imanual Kant  (Viz, ” Dare to be Wise”)! Every single item is complimentary to the whole, so that VALUES, LEADERSHIP, CREATIVITY AND FUTURE TRENDS can be conceived holistically as the new must-have 21st century pillars of corporate culture. From the USA, South Africa, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Malta, UK, Mexico with Michelin * *** quality  Travel Partners! We guarantee premium expertise, hands on experience which leave you not just with WHAT, but most importantly HOW. 


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