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FourSight Thinking Profile (assessment)

Need new solutions? Better ideas? More effective collaboration? FourSight opens the door to innovation and creativity with a research-based assessment that helps you tap your greatest resource—your brain.

Featured in the New York Times, Forbes, Fast Company, Entrepreneur and Training magazine, the FourSight Thinking Profile has been used by more than 90,000 people in businesses, schools and organizations around the globe to improve problem solving, collaboration and team performance.

Figure out where you naturally light up in the innovation process… Are you a Clarifier? An Ideator? A Developer? An Implementer? Some combination? With FourSight, individuals, teams or organizations can discover their problem-solving preferences. The ability to understand and leverage thinking styles is the first step toward achieving consistent breakthrough results.

“FourSight: Your Thinking Profile” is a leading assessment tool, designed to boost critical and creative problem solving skills in individuals and groups. Available online or in paper form, the 36-question survey is backed by 50 years of academic research and 16 years of scientific validation. Every profile comes with a 16-page, full-color feedback booklet. FourSight is available in 7 languages (English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish).

The people side of innovation

Who uses FourSight?

FourSight has a proven track record of helping organizations large and small, on six continents. Thousands of corporate, educational and nonprofit clients use FourSight to get a simple, striking look at exactly where they excel and breakdown in the four distinct phases of the breakthrough thinking process.
FourSight is for anyone who wants to improve their approach to solving problems creatively, including:

  • Corporate trainers
  • Leadership development centers
  • Executive education specialists
  • Independent consultants
  • Organizational development experts
  • Human resource specialists
  • Business schools
Our corporate and nonprofit clients include IBM, Disney, Google, Kraft, DuPont, HP, Coca-Cola, 3M, Intel, Nike, Mott’s, Kimberly-Clark, General Motors, Duncan Hines, Pfizer, Prudential, State Farm Insurance, CBC, BBC, Manulife Financial, Vodafone, Pfizer, the American Cancer Society, Fisher-Price, the Center for Creative Leadership, Royal Bank, Johnson & Johnson, USBank, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, United Way and the State University of New York. Find out what users say here.

FourSight practitioners can help increase your organization’s innovation capacity. To bring FourSight to your team, please contact Donna Pace  on + 34 609 32 45 76  or