Astrid Aguayo
Mallorca, Spain

Astrid Aguayo (Custom)

Linguist 100%
Six Hats Certified 100%
Haute cuisine 100%
Entrepeneurship 90%

logocertified (Custom)

I have been privileged to live in 11 different countries in Europe and America where I have simultaneously combined work in various fields thus acquiring a cosmopolitan, multicultural, and adaptable outlook, plus several languages. I have acquired skills and worked in the fields of teaching Creativity, teaching English as a second language at all levels, Translation, Catering, Design of Special Diets for specific health problems, Gastronomic Consultancy for restaurants, content design for courses on Entrepreneurship, and also in the fields of alternative treatments such as Reiki, Aromatherapy, Bach Flowers, etc. My main interest in every field has always been to act as a catalyst so people’s minds can open up and discover that there are always alternatives.