Dr. Mourad Saada

Mourad (Custom)

Medicine 100%
Six Hats Certified 100%
Training & development 100%
Conflict management 95%

logocertified (Custom)

Doctor in medicine, after my passage in Tunisian hospitals and then in a pharmaceutical laboratory, I am currently a general practitioner in a private practice in Tunis and at the same time am following Masters Programmes of palliative care in cancer and interpersonal therapies.

I am the Co-Director of the Centre Canadien de Développement Humain Tunisie, I am also trainer in communication techniques, public speaking, stress management and conflict and time management, as well as the 6 thinking hats.


de Bono added value for me:


Anxious to provide the best tools to companies and organizations I found that De Bono Thinking System and 6 hats method allows participants to acquire many skills at the same time, these include time management, conflict, leadership and creativity, which equates better organization and communication, more efficiency and productivity, as well as profits. A comprehensive tool, applicable immediately!