Inés Gallego Camiña
Bilbao, Spain

INES (Custom)

EFQM Specialist 100%
Six Hats Certified 100%
Innovation management 100%
World Café Facilitator 95%

logocertified (Custom)

Assistant director of Innovation and Quality of the University Hospital Cruces (Osakidetza)

My career is in sociology; although I have been employed for more than 10 years in the public health sector, especially focused on the process of change management. I initiated my professional activity in quality management 15 years ago, however over the last few years I have been reinventing myself in the direction of creativity and innovation. My experience in the deployment of the EFQM (European Federation of Quality Management) Model and in methodologies such as process management, strategic planning, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or shared leadership, have endowed me to have a global vision of management, and a conviction of the results that are obtained by the deployment of the excellence Model.

Continuous learning and transformation are two of the guidelines that have always mobilized me.  Acquiring new skills has allowed me to progress in my work and my personal experience. I enthusiastically dedicate a good part of my time to projects that spearhead innovation, as well as creating contexts for creativity, using methodologies such as the  World Café.


de Bono added value for me:


  • As a health professional : the public health sector is characterized for being a very complex organization, where diverse professionals, patients and other interest
    groups interact.  This is a reality that demands a global vision and exercising the skill of organized thinking.
  • As a team leader: one of the most complex functions of leading teams is managing the proper dynamics for meetings. Clearly Six Hats is a simple and very efficient methodology; it favors the participation of all the team members and also maximizes good use of time management.