José Antonio Molina Mora

Jose Antonio (Custom)

Lateral Thinking Certified 100%
Coaching Desarrollo Personas 100%
Six Hats Certified 100%
Marketing & Business Administration 98%
Globe Trotter 95%

logocertified (Custom)

After several years in consulting and business management, Jose Antonio set out to train hundreds of people and supported various professionals and organizations in achieving their goals. He is the Founder and Director of the International Business School MMCoaching, and the Founding Partner of Mi Mundo Happy and of the Innovation Institute for Human Development in Latin America with interests in other companies in the tourism and commercial sector. A graduate in Marketing, with a Master Degree in Business Administration (Venezuela), Master in Tourism Management and Coaching Expert, Creativity, psychology student in Spain. Author, Speaker and International Coach. Graduate student in the Masters Degree in Design Thinking &Innovation at the Centro Universitario de Diseño de Barcelona bau.




“There was a “before and after” with de Bono, it has influenced both my knowledge on creativity and my way of thinking. My professional performance has changed significantly since I  began to apply the processes to coaching and training, helping me to ” Think Different ” . 6 hats for example has allowed me to focus my thoughts , clarifying when I’m in research mode and when it´s time to  challenge and be creative . I consider myself an ambassador for De Bono thinking Systems, there is a need to change the way we think “