Kimberly Hunn

Kimberly (Custom)

Master Coach & Values Alignment

Kimberly is a master certified coach, dialogue facilitator and founder of Edgewalker Group International (EGI).

She began her professional career in marketing and public relations in the U.S. Hispanic market before embarking on a 20-year journey into transformative learning design. Her love of people and passion for social and environmental issues has been the driving force behind the creation of several businesses focused on culture change initiatives.

Always challenging the boundaries of transformative processes, EGI has become the vehicle for experimenting and practicing new learning methodologies and generating a space of collective innovation. Kimberly believes deeply in the wisdom and intelligence of all people to find solutions to resolve the pressing issues of our time and she helps to challenge our basic assumptions about how we choose to construct a desired future.

Her early studies in cultural anthropology and international relations in San Francisco, California led her to investigate social dynamics and human relations in multi-cultural environments and to identify universal principles of cooperation.

Serving as a mentor coach for a coach training school and provocateur of a social and environmental entrepreneurship, Kimberly has initiated projects in youth development, organizational cultural change, transformative learning retreats, professional transition, intercultural dialogue, values alignment and collaborative process.