Margarita de la Fuente

Margarita (Custom)

Pensar diferente: “pensamiento Lateral”

FOF™ – Focus on Facilitation, POP™ – Power of Perception

MARGARITA DE LA FUENTE is Biochemical engineer by profession. Having also followed post-graduated studies at ITESM (Mexico), IATA (Valencia, Spain) and IPNO (Tenerife, Spain).

In 1996, she became interested and involved in innovation models and tools. 2001 was the year she came across Edward de Bono´s thinking tools, joining the de Bono network in 2002, when she became a certified trainer in Lateral Thinking.
Margarita leads Trenova, S.C., a company based in Monterrey, Mexico, she is the Authorised Distributor for de Bono Thinking Systems in Mexico and other Latinamerican countries providing training in Lateral Thinking, Six Thinking Hats, Focus on Facilitation, Six Value Medals, The Power of Perception, idea generation workshops, problem solving workshops, as well as consultant on innovation systems, consumer driven development and innovation process management