Panxo Barrera
Valencia, Spain

Panxo Barrera (Custom)

Creative expert 100%
Six Hats Certified 100%
Audiovisual director 100%
EFQM Auditor 95%

logocertified (Custom)


Consultant.  Expert in Applied Creativity. Teacher of Audio-Visual Communication and Applied Creativity. EFQM Auditor.  Expert in audio-visual and theatrical production. Lecturer: \”Innovation for Entrepreneurs”, “Kaos against Control: Idea Storming”, “Entropy: Creativity Applied to the Business”, “Strategy, Communication and Team Building with Lego Serious Play”, “Six Thinking Hats Blue Hat”. Enthropy offers services in Strategic Creative Intelligence solutions, helping organizations and professionals to grow, to communicate better, to define strategies, to reorganize and to innovate.


de Bono added value for me:


  • Reading and studying de Bono has changed to a great extent my way of seeing things not only in the world of the business, but also on a global scale.  An expansion of perspective, of vision and of perception has multiplied thanks to experiencing the Six Thinking Hats first hand. A simple and exceptional methodology.