Sandra Soares
Oporto, Portugal

Sandra Soares (Custom)

Training & development 100%
Six Hats Certified 100%
Erickson Hypnosis 100%
NLP 95%

logocertified (Custom)

Founder & Managing Diretor of Be Yourself – Desenvolvimento de Talentos e Consultoria, Lda

“Put my talent at your service!” is my life purpose.

I started my professional career in the field of training very early, having worked over 10 years in a large business group as a Training Manager, managing and developing training teams and accumulating experience as trainer in the areas of leadership, team management and motivation, communication and interpersonal skills, untill the day I’ve created my own business (Be Yourself – Desenvolvimento de Talentos e Consultoria, Lda.).

I am a certified and experienced trainer, motivational speaker and coach. I’ve got certifications in NLP, Coaching, Organizational Constellations; Ericksonian Hypnosis and in Regressive Hypnosis, just to mention some. Along my learning journey, I’ve studied with the best in the area of personal development like Anthony Robbins, Paul Mckenna, Joseph O’Connor, Stephen Covey, Paul Aurand, Stephen Paul Adler and Daniel Sá Nogueira, with the aim of introducing innovative, integrated, creative and effective solutions in the context of human development.

When providing training and workshops, I always strive for quality and effectiveness based on consistent and differentiating pillars that constitute the VALUES of Be Yourself (Authenticity, Passion, Accuracy, Balance, Character, Freedom and Gratitude).Gratitude is present in everything I do. I am grateful to those who taught me, grateful for the opportunity to help and contribute to a better world. I want to leave a positive legacy in the world, a better world to live in.


de Bono added value for me:


  • Getting the certification/accreditation as trainer in “Six Thinking Hats” by de Bono Thinking Systems, has increased my responsibility as a trainer. Also has enriched the methodology I am adopting together with other techniques which has improved the impact on the customers. The program provided me creative ways to simplify the approach as it adjusts to a wide range of objectives.