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Harvard Deusto and Enric Segarra “La Innovación Centrada en el Cliente”

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A Harvard Deusto publication

La innovación centrada en el cliente

Número 238 de Business Review

La innovación más efectiva ocurre cuando entendemos cuáles son las necesidades y los deseos de nuestros clientes. Pero ¿cómo se lleva a cabo este tipo de innovación? Lo primero es formar a los empleados que están en el front line, ya que actúan como observadores privilegiados, capaces de ver oportunidades y de inferir en las futuras necesidades de los clientes. Así, los empleados se sienten más comprometidos con la empresa, y esta aumenta las posibilidades de que las nuevas soluciones lanzadas al mercado sean más atractivas para los consumidores.

Artículo de Enric Segarra Autor de Empresas Ganadoras!

HDBR La_innovacion_centrada_en_el_cliente_ESEGARRA

Enric Segarra


Innover en Temps de Crise, avec Jean Louis & Aline

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Jean Louis Badoiun and Aline Frankfort on How to Innovate in Times of Crisis

02 Innover en tps de crise


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Uber for the elderly offers transport with friendly care

Lift Hero has created a peer-to-peer lift service that uses trained or studying medical professionals to drive the elderly safely to their destination.



This jacket could stop you catching a cold

The Germinator Transit Jacket is designed to help commuters avoid picking up a bug from public places.


Local and relevant museum trips, curated and managed for schools

EdTrips aims to quickly connect schools with curriculum-relevant venues through its comprehensive online management tool.

Il n´est pas necessaire d´etre cinglé pour devenir un leader de demain – Soyez du Futur

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Aline Frankfort shares her insights

Aline Frankfort shares her insights on the LeadershiFt of the Future

JFK today, stand up and be counted

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Reading John F. Kennedy and some of his quotes, here is one that is so relevant to today, its ominous:-
” Never Before has Man, had Such a Capacity to control his own environment, to end thirst and hunger, to conquer poverty and disease, to banish illiteracy and massive human misery….We have the power to make this the best generation of mankind in the history of the world, or make it our last”.

JFK was murdered, like so many others that had something relevant and challenging to say.  Those  who are still bringing misery of spirit, are humanly impoverished, and emotionally illiterate will keep fighting to their dying breath to ensure that the “power to make this the best generation of human kind”  does NOT occur.

Borrowing from Emma´s Watson´s speech at the UN in NY:


How many of us are prepared to stand up and be counted? To make this the BEST GENERATION of human history.

I AM. Are you?

Donna Pace, 3 Oct 2014

To download click here: JFK TODAY

‘En 2030 podremos conectar el cerebro a otro exterior que lo hará más potente’

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Raymond Kurzweil es un inventor estadounidense, además de músico, empresario, escritor y científico especializado en Ciencias de la Computación e Inteligencia Artificial. Desde 2012 es director de ingeniería en Google. 

Por todos los que me habéis oído hablando de el, aquí va una entrevista en le lengua de Cervantes, acerca de un libro suyo que suelo recomendar: HOW TO CREATE A MIND, ahora disponible en castellano.


Ray Kurzweil en el hotel Urban.

EL MUNDO QUE VIENE Entrevista a Ray Kurzweil en el diario EL MUNDO

Todo es superlativo en el currículum de Ray Kurzweil, entre cuyos inventos se encuentran el primer lector electrónico para ciegos, el sistema de reconocimiento de voz que dio origen a Siri y el primer escáner digital. Desde hace unos meses reside en este apartamento luminoso con vistas a la bahía de San Francisco y ejerce como ingeniero para Google por petición expresa de Larry Page. “Es la primera vez que trabajo para otra persona”, explica entre dientes. “Sólo lo hice porque me prometieron plena libertad”.

Kurzweil acaba de publicar en España ‘Cómo crear una mente’ (Lola Books, 2013). Una obra en la que expone su teoría del cerebro y explica cómo se podrían recrear sus entresijos con la ayuda de un ordenador. Sus palabras son una ventana a un futuro en el que se difuminarán las fronteras entre la vida y la muerte y nuestros cerebros serán más poderosos con la ayuda de un ordenador.

Leer más:

The only source of knowledge is experience

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albert einstein source of knowledge

“Knowing” something is not enough. Knowledge is not enough, although it is of course useful. What turns knowledge into more than a Google – style resource is the EXPERIENCE of it. It ´s the difference between the recipe book and getting your hands dirty chopping, sorting, cooking and EATING. This is my experience of de Bono´s work. It has to be COOKED & EATEN, before it becomes transformative.  

V.R o Realidad Virtual, is here, and it´s moving in.

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Wall Street Journal reports: Des Moines Register Adds a Bit of Virtual Reality to News Report

Newspaper Incorporates Technology of Oculus VR, Computerized Game Platforms to Tell Story


Read more on the technology being produced by the firm:

Since the launch of the Oculus Kickstarter, we’ve been focused on building the best virtual reality platform. The original development kit was a strong starting point that showed the world a glimpse of presence, but its shortcomings prevented it from delivering great VR.

Almost exactly one year after shipping the original dev kit, we’re pleased to announce DK2, the second development kit for the Oculus Rift!

Master in Knowledge-based Entrepreneurship – University of Malta

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The University of Malta is offering this gem of a Masters Degree, starting October 2014.


The Master in Knowledge-Based Entrepreneurship is meant to impart knowledge to Science, Technology, Engineering and Media graduates, allowing them to become successful entrepreneurs and launch their own successful business ventures, and convince financiers and financial entities to finance their ventures. Following an introduction to entrepreneurship the students will cover topics in Creativity, Innovation, Marketing, Strategy, Business Planning, Finance, Risk Management and Performance Management, all focusing on the requirements of entrepreneurs.

This course will also be useful to intrapreneurs working within their own organisations, and to professionals who provide services to entrepreneurs on a day-to-day basis.

The course follows a highly pragmatic, hands-on approach, culminating in two business and operational planning exercises which allow participants to build their own plans that can be taken to the market for financing.

The course will be delivered as an intensive training program, with most of the face-to-face tuition delivered over four intensive weeks distributed equally throughout the first two semesters. Thus, even persons in employment would be able to follow the course.

Another innovative feature of the course is that students may follow the programme over a period of five years and still be eligible for the award of the degree, provided they are successful in all components of the programme.

“Your degree is not a proxy for your ability to do any job”, says Google in NY Times

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How to Get a Job at Google – NYTimes

Google attracts so much talent it can afford to look beyond
traditional metrics, like G.P.A. For most young people, though, going to
college and doing well is still the best way to master the tools needed for
many careers. But Bock is saying something important to them, too:
Beware. Your degree is not a proxy for your ability to do any job. The
world only cares about — and pays off on — what you can do with what
you know (and it doesn’t care how you learned it). And in an age when
innovation is increasingly a group endeavor, it also cares about a lot of
soft skills — leadership, humility, collaboration, adaptability and loving
to learn and re-learn. This will be true no matter where you go to work.