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 ICOT session in Bilbao on 2nd July.  The day started with a conversational format between David Perkins and Edward at the Palacio Euskalduna, to a packed house. Edward was awarded a Basque Txapela. He already has a Blue one, given to him in 2007 at the Guggenheim last time he was in the capital of Vizcaya. Mine is Green!The second session was with me, where the title of our Q&A was “Update and Upgrade to 2st Century Thinking”. My lead questions where directed towards the less mainstream parts of Edward´s work, viz. the dichotomy of RIGHT vs WRONG, the Arrogance of Intelligence, and the errors of Perception. The books that inspired those questions were: “Letters to Thinkers”, “I am Right you are Wrong”, and “New Thinking for the New Millenium”.

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Tuvimos la oportunidad de ofrecer una breve introducción al uso y aplicacion de los Seis Sombreros en el Palacio Euskalduna en el “Thinking Txoco“. Con Edward como invitado de honor, co-presentado con nuestro equipo, trainers certificados de Madrid, Valladolid, Salamanca y Bilbao. Ellos son: Loreto Laguna (Directora de Cocnede Coaching), Jose Antonio Molina (Director EINMMCOACHING Creatividad e Innovación para el desarrollo Humano) Montse Hidalgo (Speaker y Trainer Internacional. Socia Fundadora de la Universidad de la Felicidad en España), Jon Egia (Co fundador de Burning Games Ltd), y Ines Gallego (Subdirectora de Innovación y Calidad. OSI Ezkerraldea Enkarterri Cruces – Hospital Universitario Cruces (Osakidetza).

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From left: Ines Gallego, Loreto Laguna, Jon Egia, Montse Hidalgo and Jose Antonio Molina

Talking about thinking, this tells the story as it is: 90% of the world population does NOT know how to think. Press interview with Robert Swartz

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And finally, in homage to Edward de Bono, the person whose work we proudly represent, we held a private event hosted by DBTS at the Vizcaya Agency for Innovation, Beaz . We surprised Edward and guests alike with the presence of a traditional Basque story teller, who speaks and sings in verse (in Euskera of course) called a Bertsolari. The challenge was to get the ball rolling with a RANDOM WORD, chosen by Edward. Antonn Irusta, teacher and voactional story teller delighted us all with his strong communication skills. Eskerrik asko!

Fue una alegría muy grande para mi, poder compartir este espacio con parte del equipo DBTS en España – Loreto, Ines, Jon, Jose Antonio y Montse GRACIAS a BIG THANK YOU. A todos vosotros TXAPELURDINS : de los hospitales de CRUCES & GALDAKANO;  de la mejor FP en Europa, el equipo creativo de Euskadi (locos por la FP, si señor!), a todos  nuestros invitados, a Antton el BERSOLARI, to all the wonderful guests and friends who joined us, to you EDWARD for coming back to Bilbao, 8 years on. Last time,  you delivered your keynote at the Guggenheim.  To Amanda Mobbs, to  each and everyone of you; A great big ESKARRISKASKO!

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