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SINGAPORE “6th Business Excellence Conference on Productivity, Innovation and Growth with Enric Segarra

Our colleague Enric was honored to have been invited as one of the keynote speakers by the Singapore Government to the 6th Business Excellence Global Conference held in Singapore 29-30 Oct. on Productivity, Innovation and Growth (a conference that brings together leaders from Business Excellence Award winners, administrators of leading national and regional business excellence frameworks, and subject experts around the globe to share their knowledge and experiences), to give the master class entitled Unleashing Creativity and Innovation in the workplace” the objective of which wasto shed light on the root causes that explain why despite creativity and innovation are common traits of successful organizations, and are therefore desirable almost no one is truly satisfied with the results gotten and how to revert that so companies make of that duo a driving competence. Once innovation was defined as a self-propagating “highly contagious” meme to be promoted from the rank-and-file right to the top levels, the talk provided a bunch of helpful hints and many other practical exercises that provided attendees with key insights to make innovation flourish in their organizations and do not leave it in the laps of Gods. In this respect the user-centered innovation approach and the design thinking methodology that supports it were strongly recommended as a way to ensure measurable improvements.


More on the Design Thinking methodology, the challenges and obstacles on adopting it and how to promote a culture that foster DT adoption can be found below in the interviews given to The Business Times Newspaper and the magazine Good to Go.

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